Painting wasn’t my first love – writing was. I began as a journalist in Sweden where I was born. In my twenties, I traveled around Europe, living in Spain, Greece, London and Paris, writing articles and short stories for Swedish publications, sometimes illustrating them with sketches.

I came to New York in 1966 and got a green card by being a Ford fashion model. In the 1970s, I made video art (under the name Gunilla Mallory Jones) and did illustrations and graphic work for a variety of clients. The videos became increasingly scripted and, starting in 1979, I spent a decade as a playwright/director, supplementing my income with illustration work. In 1987, I turned almost exclusively to art, starting to paint and ever since, painting has been my one, true love.

Among my more dubious accomplishments I count having spent four months modeling for Salvador Dali and having lived three years in a Benedictine monastery.